Casinos are saving money having a liquidator on their team!

Save on storage, increase efficiency and maximize ROI in liquidation. 

In my experience of delivering liquidation services to the largest Las Vegas resorts and casinos I have first hand seen the common trends of issues within the mega resort and casino operator's model. The two major being:

  1. The onsite hoard-piles in parking garages and back of house hallways.
  2. The offsite warehouse storage model. 

Wether you acknowledge the problem or not, every resort is facing these problems. Assets are removed from use and sent to storage for future use. But where are they going? How common is future use? I see some properties with a high degree of emphasis on asset control sending assets to highly organized and well managed offsite warehouses and more commonly sent for storage in onsite hallways and parking garages.

Operators are losing money by holding these assets. Either in cost of storage and asset management expense or in the common forced liquidation where jammed hallways or parking garages are being sold to liquidators for pennies on the dollar to "quick-fix" the problem. This is a big issue, high-dollar assets are buried in piles and being sold with no real asset management control oversight!

Casino managers who contract Nellis Auction as their liquidator are seeing these problems go away and are enjoying higher return on investment for assets. With programs geared towards liquidating removed, un-utilized and inactive assets, properties are enjoying less costs of storage and asset management and they are happy to receive cash for the asset which used to seem to disappear!

Nellis Auction clients enjoy:

  1. A high level of service throughout the entire liquidation process. 
  2. High integrity reporting which tracks sale proceeds back to the assets. 
  3. The higher return on investment as assets are sold to targeted end users. 
  4. Cleaner hallways and parking garages improving efficiency to serve paying customers at their property. 
nellis auction hosted Casino liquidation sale for las vegas resort, february 2015.

nellis auction hosted Casino liquidation sale for las vegas resort, february 2015.


We facilitate sales of all types, including; food and beverage equipment, furniture, fixtures, equipment, IT, audio/visual, vehicles, material handling, retail inventories and gaming devices. 

If you are a casino operator, you need to call me today. We offer adaptable services to complete projects and offer ongoing programs to keep your operation running smooth. You will quickly see why the largest mega resorts are using Nellis Auction!

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