Nellis Auction has a number of services that cater to the unique situations seniors can find themselves in.

Children all grown up? Sudden health crisis? Retiring and want to downsize your home? Sudden death of a loved one?  Moving into an assisted living facility?


Nellis Auction is a full service estate auction that can handle it all, take a look at our simple and effective 6 step sales process.

1) Initial Walk through & Assessment:

  • Introduction to the client.
  • Understanding the needs of the client selling the estate.
  • Walk through assessment and putting a project plan together.

2) Preliminary Search of Valuables, Staging, Inventory, Catalog:

  • Project manager and team do an initial search and staging of all contents of estate.
  • Inventory and photograph all contents for sale.
  • Client is given the inventory of the catalog.
  • Catalog is uploaded to Nellis Auction bidding platform.
  • Catalog is posted online for a duration of time (7-10 days).

3) Sales Marketing & Advertisement

  • Email notification of every auction to our large and growing customer database.
  • Social media targeted and sponsored marketing.
  • Craigslist Advertising.
  • Advertised on

4) Preview and Sale Conduct

  • Project manager will host a live preview in home.
  • Auction typically starts later that evening, when auction closes and bidders are invoiced for payment.

5) Load Out and Estate Sweep

  • Project manager and team organize load out. 
  • Bid winners collect their items with a "paid in full" receipt from the estate.
  • Nellis Auction crew does a final sweep collecting items to be shipped, any unsold items, items to be donated, and trash.
  • House is left completely empty of contents. 

6) Payment

  • Nellis Auction makes payment to consignor within 10 business days of the sale.


Diego Melendez, Nellis Auction operations manager


Contact us today and talk with Diego Melendez, our operations managers.  Diego will schedule and conduct your walk through as well as be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact Diego at  or call 702-531-1300