It is now easier than ever to get paid by Nellis Auction for referrals! Nellis Auction is offering a professional on-boarding program for qualified real-estate professionals and attorneys in the Las Vegas area. 

What do we do? 


Nellis Auction has operated estate sales and business liquidation services in the Las Vegas area for more than 30 years. We offer total service packages that turn assets into cash! 

We have recently launched a highly successful model to quickly liquidate all personal property from a household estate. Our services leave the home clear of all items in short time, paving the way for the real estate agent to list the house!

Nothing excites me more than to sit down with a customer and design a custom solution to their needs. I take all objectives into consideration to provide a smooth service for all parties involved!
— Spencer Chupinsky, Operations Manager

What are we looking for?

Nellis Auction specializes in creative case-by-case solutions for the estate liquidation industry. Referrals that qualify for this program are:

  • Estates where substantially all the household personal property requires liquidation.
  • Large collections of similar items.
  • Coin & currency collections.
  • Jewelry, precious metals, bullion & gem stones. 
  • Cars, SUVs, boats, jetskis, utility trailers and travel trailers. 
  • Excess business inventory and equipment.  

Who are our customers?

 Auction items available at
  • Families needing assistance settling the estate of a loved one who has passed.
  • Individuals requiring their property to be sold, due to relocation or downsizing.
  • Collectors or investors needing to convert their assets to cash.

What is in it for you?

Nellis Auction is offering up to 10% of our commissions for successful referrals through this program. Introduce our services to a client, introduce your client to us, we take care of the rest and you receive a check!

It is as simple as: 

  1. Sign up for Nellis Auction's referral program below. 
  2. Refer a qualified estate or business.
  3. Receive a referral check!
I had a client moving out of state and taking nothing with them! The only thing in the way of selling the home was the contents and the vehicle in the garage. I introduced my client to Nellis Auction, they sold all the personal property , my client received a check for the items sold and they sent $480 for the referral. Easy, smooth, headache free!
— Thomas E., Real Estate Agent

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