Las Vegas Charities
Donation Liquidation

Nellis Auction is your organization’s hassle-free method for liquidating property donations and/or bulk donations. We give your organization the ability to accept a wider range of donations so that you don’t have to say “no” anymore.

Professional Pickup

We can pick up items donated to your organization, and store them at our facility in our vaults until the time of the auction.  We have the equipment necessary to handle just about any item and our professional crew will handle your items with care.

Safe and Secure Storage

We can arrange the storage of donated items in safe andsecure vaults at our warehouses.  This way, your organization is not burdened with these tasks and can focus on the what you do best!

Marketing and Advertising

We can reach out to our mailing list of over 9,000 local known auction buyers for general merchandise and to the over 75,000 unique hits per month on our website. For specialized donated merchandise we can formulate a plan to reach out to those buyers and bring the most money for your organization.  

Display and Auctioning

On auction day, we will display your donated items in a way that is attractive to prospective buyers. Our experienced auctioneers know how to get the audience excited and, in turn, get the highest value possible.  

Diego Melendez, Project Manager

To see how our donation liquidation services can help your organization, contact us today!

Please contact Diego Melendez at 702-531-1300 or email him directly at