Business Bankruptcies are stressful– they demand attention to detail to make sure you’re in compliance with all the laws governing your specific case.

When it comes to selling the assets of your business, Nellis Auction takes the burden off your shoulders to bring in the most money possible for all investors involved.

At Nellis Auction, we specialize in off-site auctions.

In many cases, it wouldn’t make financial sense to move heavy machinery or equipment across town to us, so we will bring the buyers to you. Through our direct marketing and specialized mailings, we are able to contact interested buyers and get them to your location. We’ll set up the auction, hold a preview, and conduct the event— all at your location. Many times, interested local parties already know your location and this can simplify the process even more.

In instances not requiring an off-site auction, we are simply able to pick up your items and store them at our location until given approval from the courts to proceed with the sale.

We have the marketing experience, the auction expertise, and the know-how to get the right people bidding on your items.

In business in Las Vegas since 1974, we have the area connections and leading regional experience to serve you.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting and we’ll walk you through our process and discuss ways we can help you.

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