Types of Auctions Offered at Nellis Auction

There are multiple types of auctions, but Nellis Auction only offers a few specific kinds.  In this post we'll discuss the types that we focus on here at Nellis Auction

Estate Auctions

Most people only come in contact with an estate auction during an intensely hard season of their life, the death of a loved one. The person legally in charge of their loved ones estate will be in charge of selling off their belongings. Having an estate auction is a quick and friendly way to sell the contents of the home and be able to continue to focus on the needs of the family.  At Nellis Auction we offer the service of picking up the contents of the house and selling them at our main warehouse.  This allows the home to quickly be in selling condition and also gets the household items in front of a large active buyer base.

Business Liquidations

For many reasons a business will need to sell assets to raise money.  Nellis Auction partners with businesses to achieve their goals in an efficient manner.  Every business liquidation auction is different and is tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Online-Only Auctions

While we offer online bidding to most of the auctions we do, some auctions are special and are ONLY offered online.  These auctions are still run by an auctioneer and happen in real time.  

Timed Auctions

These auctions are offered only for online bidders and are run by our automated system.  Lots are offered and when the time runs out, they will be sold to the highest bidder.  We sell a variety of items in this method but mostly these auctions contain high quantity of like items.