Introduction to Buying and Selling at Auction

Welcome to our new series, Auction 101! 

Welcome to our new series, Auction 101! 

Welcome to Auction 101: Introduction

We've offered our free class, "How to Buy and Sell at Auctions" every Friday for the past nine months or so and many have become buying experts because of it.  We love to see new people become interested in auctions and it is for this reason that we've decided to offer up a virtual class here on our website.

The information taught here can be used at just about ANY auction around the world.

  We will be posting on different topics that we cover in our free weekly class and answering your questions. If you have a specific questions you would like answered about buying or selling at auctions, please feel free to contact us!

We're excited about this new venture and would love to hear if you find this information useful!